DERMABOND ADVANCED™ is giving back to the community.


Community involvement is an important part of the overall corporate mission of Johnson & Johnson.

That's why DERMABOND ADVANCED™ is proudly sponsoring two very exciting initiatives.


Safe Kids Worldwide® has been devoted to the safety of children for many years, and now DERMABOND ADVANCED™ is a proud partner in this effective ongoing effort.


DERMABOND ADVANCED™ has also formed a partnership with the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and its 36,000 members.




Safe Kids Worldwide® began as the first and only international nonprofit organization dedicated solely to preventing unintentional childhood injury.1 Together, we're providing kids and parents with important safety tips that can help prevent serious injuries.


The Emergency Nurses Association® (ENA) is the national association for professional nurses dedicated to the advancement to emergency nursing practice. The Emergency Nurse Manager and Director care for patients and establish treatment protocols. As these individuals are on the front lines of wound care, DERMABOND ADVANCED™ is proud to support them.